Water is a rubbish drink – wine is heaps better.

I can already here cries of outrage in the distance! Water is a zyshrubbish drink? She think’s she’s into wellness? What is she on about?

Well it is. As drinks go it is the most rubbish of them all. It has no taste, no smell, no colour…boring!

Which is why I am always in a constant battle with myself to try and drink more water. I know all the reasons as to why I should be drinking about a litre and a half to two litres a day, but it appears that my taste buds do not respond to reason.

 I know, for example, that a state of dehydration can lead to medical issues surrounding kidney function, blood pressure, palpitations, confusion and lethargy. You think that would be enough into scaring a person to drink more H2O. But no.

 There are even studies that show dehydration can have an impact on our mood and lead to depression and anxiety. http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/02/20/dehydration-influences-mood-cognition/35037.html

 If this is the case then water has a serious design flaw. If it was made to taste like a nice, crisp, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for example then I for one, would ensure that I stayed hydrated with great ease. As it is I spend far too much brain power trying to think of ways to fool myself into drinking water.

 So far I have come up with these ways to drink water :

  1. Herbal teas. Unfortunately they cannot contain caffeine as too much caffeine acts as a diuretic and you wee out all that water you spent so much energy trying to consume.
  2. I don’t eat sugar as a rule (evil, evil addictive drug – but that’s another story) so I can’t do cordial. Instead I squeeze lemons and limes into the water. This has the added bonus of being extra good for you because of the wonderful properties of these citrus fruits. As a lover of hot drinks I get extra excited if it is a mug of hot lemon water. Woo hoo.
  3. Decaf coffee. Organic and fresh for the plunger but yes, decaffeinated. Partly because of the diuretic affects and partly because by this point I will have already had 3 proper coffees and I am worried that I not only will start weeing out all my hydration efforts but that I will be lying in bed at 3 am envious of the soft, little snores coming from my dog.
  4. Carbonated water. As I am not drinking alcohol at the moment (I know, my story gets sadder) this is what I drink at restaurants. Special because its fizzy. Really special with a squeeze of lemon in it. Double woo hoo.
  5. Coconut water. It has sugars but only a part of the sugar is fructose (evil evil etc. etc.) and it is full of electrolytes to really assist with the hydrating bit. Finally something that tastes great – only problem is that you shouldn’t drink 2 litres a day of the stuff.
  6. Other than that I make deals with myself; “Once you have drunk 2 glasses of lemon water you can have your second mug of coffee.” That sort of thing.

 As you can probably tell by now, this isn’t so much an advice blog as a HELP! blog. So if you are one of those annoying people who drink 2 litres of water a day no problem – perhaps you would be good enough to post a comment as to how you do it so that us-who-prefer-wine might benefit. Many thanks.

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