Spanners and Lemons; how to deal with the less than ideal.

Why is it that just when you think you have everything organised in your life and you fell like everything is going according to plan, someone or something throws a large spanner in the works?images

Any why is it that as soon as one spanner has been thrown in, some other plonker comes along and throws in a few rocks just for good measure?

Well I don’t know why the good runs don’t last all that long. They just don’t. The fact is that shit happens, regularly. The more useful question to ask is “How do I cope when shit happens?”

I had an awesome run of things recently. I passed all my exams and fully qualified as a paramedic. I held the first proof copies of my book in my hand. I was staying with friends and loving the great company and funny conversations. I finished my tattoo and generally felt invincible!

Then I got back home to the outback of NSW from being in Sydney for 5 weeks and things aren’t as perfect all of a sudden. A few people are being less than friendly or professional for some unknown reason, a company is reneging on a deal to do with my book – after I’ve paid them, a neck and shoulder injury is resurfacing once again and I”m feeling a little bit lonesome now I’ve left all my besties 9 hours away.

SO- how to deal with it?

  • I remind myself that all of these things are neither good nor bad. They are just sequences of events, stuff simply happening around me or to me. What determines an event as good or bad is my reaction to it, my thoughts about the matter.
  • All the other times in my life where something “bad” has happened have ended up being times of learning, progress and strengthening.
  • I therefore choose to think of these events not as “bad” but as “interesting” and “exciting”. I don’t know what the outcome will be but I know I will somehow be better off eventually.
  • I take it step by step, day by day. You can only do what you can do. Right here, right now I am ok. Nothing lasts forever, the stuff we view as “good” or┬áthe stuff we view as “bad”. It all ends up as stories in the end.
  • I choose to view everything as challenges, not as problems. Life throws new obstacles at you to test out the skills you have gathered from past life experiences. I have the tools I need.
  • And finally I make sure I keep meditating even though my mind is a million places at once and I make sure I do activities that work directly to raise the spirits – painting, walking across the opal fields and most important of all – cuddling the hell out of my dog!


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