Once in a Blue Moon

July 30th, 2015

GratitudeTomorrow night (31st July 2015) we will experience a blue moon. A blue moon is a 2nd full moon in one calendar month. They only happen every 2 or 3 years and hence the phrase “once in a blue moon” meaning that it doesn’t happen very often.

Why not take this opportunity to think about the things in your life that only happen once in a blue moon that perhaps you would like to happen more often?

When was the last time you reconnected with an old friend? Didn’t it feel good knowing that time doesn’t have the power to break the bonds of friendship. Who else has been an important or loved figure from your past that you can send a message to and have a catch up over a coffee?

When was the last time you picked up that instrument that you learned as a child or played a sport you were on the A-team for? There might be classes and clubs just down the road you could join.

Do you need a massage for your troublesome neck and shoulders? Have you been promising yourself a well deserved break? A degustation meal at that restaurant in the Sunday papers? Perhaps you have been thinking about having a clear out and a garage sale to give yourself some space. Maybe you have been thinking about reading rather than watching the TV of an evening.

You might have had thoughts of getting professional help – see that dietician, the naturopath, the osteopath or the hypnotherapist.

There are many things that you can introduce into your life that could bring you more joy. It might be a small change, it might be a large change, but tomorrow is the time to do it, to be selfish and do something just for you – after all you will only do it once in a blue moon.


Use Nature to Nurture

July 24th, 2015

At the moment I am lucky enough to be staying with a wonderful friend in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. We took the dogs for a gorgeous walk through the forest this morning and it wasn’t just our pups who were incredibly happy to be out there, breathing in the fresh mountain air.

I could feel the ions in the air doing me good!

But it is not just the fresh air and the exercise that does a person so much good. Just being surrounded by nature has such a wonderful benefit for the soul. Being where God rather than man has created most of the surroundings immediately lifts the spirits to fresh heights.

Getting out of the house and getting away from the city can give a person a new perspective. Everything slows down. You are literally “inspired” to take deep breaths… to inspire. The very colours of nature – blues and greens and ochres – are by grand design, calm and relaxing.

Is nature a part of your week? Do you rush around a large town or city all week, every week? Do you spend hours in traffic or inside buildings? Let nature nurture you back to wellness and spare a few hours every week walking, breathing, resting and appreciating. If you are too busy to spare two hours – you need to make it four hours instead.

News from the outback

July 12th, 2015

I hope this finds you in wellness and happiness. I am very blessed to have an abundance of both right now.
I am writing to you because there are a few questions that I really need to ask you. I have some big decisions to make and your opinion matters to me. But first here is a brief summary of what is happening in my world right now so you can get a bigger picture of what I am doing.

o I have finally finished my book; This Giraffe can Laugh – a simple and concise guide to overcoming depression and anxiety by someone who has.




This has been my baby for a few years now and it is exciting and a little nerve wracking for it to finally be flying the nest!
Please keep an eye on my website www.helentheuma.com for news about when it is going to be launched.
If you can follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/helentheuma and Twitter https://twitter.com/HelenTheuma and share these pages with your friends this will help support my proposal to publishing houses and help spread the word of hope.

o My main mission, and reason for writing my book is to get the message out there, especially to young adults, that there is a way to stay mentally healthy and well. To support this I am speaking to teens and young adults in schools – spreading a message of hope, health and happiness. I am doing this in my own time, free of charge so if you are affiliated with any such institutions or your children go to a school that would be open to a motivational speaker coming to speak for free, then please contact them and myself to organize how we can do this. We need to take preventative measures with mental health and deal with the issues before they arise.

o I have just started a petition to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to make meditation a daily practice at schools so that all children are armed with the tools they need to deal with stress and trauma and to protect them from depression and anxiety. Please sign this through this link http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/protect-young-people-from-mental-illness

o I am now selling a organic supplements to help me cover the costs associated with speaking publicly. If you buy supplements anyway o have been thinking about taking addition measures to support your physical and mental health then please consider buying them through me at www.nutriway.com.au/helentheuma
There is no commitment to join anything, it’s just like buying anything else online.

o I am working on running wellness weekends at different locations around the country with a wonderful woman and force to be reckoned with, Be. These will be all about mental health and happiness. As well as having the elements of retreats that people love (massage, healthy food, yoga and meditation) they will also be an intense learning experience focusing on different aspects of wellbeing that I speak about in my book.

o I am thinking about investing in a gorgeous property out here in the outback – on the opal fields of Lighting Ridge to be precise. It is a creative, funky environment that could easily become an affordable wellness retreat itself.

Please can you take the time to reply to me and answer these 2 questions:

1. If you were to go to a wellness retreat or to a wellness weekend held at a hotel or conference centre, what 2 things would you want most from the experience?
2. Lightning Ridge is a small town 9 hours drive from Sydney and Brisbane and 3.5 hours drive from Dubbo Regional Airport. It has incredible sunrises and sunsets, kangaroos are everywhere and emus appear regularly. Would you be prepared to travel to stay in beautiful accommodation in the serenity and pink hues of the opal fields to explore the outback and learn about the national gemstone of Australia the beautiful opal (which is still mined by individuals digging their own little mines and has strict environmental protection precautions in place).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond – you opinion means a lot to me.

To PLEASE PLEASE FORWARD THIS to anyone you think might be interested. Globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. You will undoubtedly know some of them.
(I know- I’m so demanding…)

Big, BIG love and smiles,

Helen x

Such is Life

July 10th, 2015

“Such is life.” These words are reported by some to be Ned Kelly’s last words before he was executed. It was not an ideal situation to be in, to say the least, and if he really did say these words then he is most definitely one of my heroes. This is one of my favourite quotes and I find myself uttering it all the time.
“Such is life.” Some people might say that this is a sign of resignation to events beyond your control – a defeatist attitude; giving up on the fight. I believe it is more than that. I believe that it is a most positive attitude to carry you forward, whether that be through an execution or lesser tribulations of life.
“Such is life.” It is neither good nor bad; it just simply is. I might be resigning to the events but I am also not judging them. Without a judgment on an event we have no need to hold on to it. It happened in that way, at that time. That is all.
“Such is life.” The resignation to the fact is acceptance. We have no power to change the past. The past has past. We are here in this present moment because of it and this moment is the only moment we can have power over.
“Such is life.” I choose to let all events of the past rest comfortably in my memory and I concentrate on being peaceful in this moment.

7 Things you can do today to improve your sleep

July 3rd, 2015

Sleeping disorders and depression and anxiety commonly go hand in hand. Improving your sleep can improve your mood and improving your mood can improve your sleep… but how do you make an impact on this cycle? Here are 7 practical things to put into place that will help you to get a better nights sleep.

1. Go to bed at the same time every night – even if you aren’t tired, go to bed and rest with your eyes closed. It will be hard at first but it needs to become routine. Your brain needs to associate a time with bed and with sleep.

2. Similarly you must get up at the same time every morning. Set your alarm for 8 hours after you went to bed. To begin with this will be hard, especially if you feel as though you only just fell asleep, but getting up at the same time will help you to feel tired and go to bed at the same time every evening. Like I said – routine is of the utmost importance!

3. Get sunlight on your face as soon as possible in the morning. This stops your melatonin production (your ‘sleepy’ neurotransmitter) and kick-starts your serotonin production (your ‘happy’ neurotransmitter).

4. Don’t look at a screen for 2 hours before you want to go to bed. The ‘blue-light’ emitted tricks your brain into thinking that it is seeing daylight and so it won’t begin producing melatonin. Go ‘Old-School’ and read a book instead!

5. Try and get 30 minutes or more of fresh air and exercise at least 3 hours before bed. Early morning is the best time. This will also release endorphins to help you feel good – even if it is just going for a brisk walk.

6. Don’t have caffeine after midday.

7. Have a look on YouTube for guided sleep meditations or sleep hypnosis tracks to play whilst lying in bed.

Please don’t give up because it doesn’t work on night one. Give your body a chance to respond to its new programming. Night-night, sleep tight.

Positive thoughts

June 28th, 2015

I have recently read a number of blogs and statements from people with depression saying that telling people with depression to think positively is annoying and insulting. If they could, they would – that is the problem!
Well I agree that it is obviously not that easy. If you could simply just switch all your thoughts to positive ones then I would have done so back when I was 17 rather than self-harming or attempting suicide. I could no more have done so that walk to the moon. But happiness is born of positive thoughts and beliefs. So what can be done. How can we change our largely negative minds to largely positive ones?
I discovered how. It is possible but it is not easy. It is simple but not easy. Anything that is worth having in life does not come easily. You have to work at it. Your mind is like any other part of you, if you want it to work effectively and to your advantage then you must exercise it, rest it and feed it all the nutrients that it needs to be strong, healthy and resilient.
This has to happen on a daily basis and requires effort and dedication. But like all daily exercises, it won’t be long before you start seeing the benefit and will be motivated to keep going. Breathing techniques, meditation techniques, affirmation, creating good sleep patterns and supplements and diet are only some of the ways to optimal mental health. If you are not prepared to make changes to your lifestyle and introduce new concepts and practices to your day, then you cannot expect to be able to foster positive thoughts. If you keep doing what you have been doing then you will get the same results.
Are you ready for better results from your mind? Are you ready to train it to do your bidding rather than be at its mercy?
My book covers numerous different things that we have to work on in order to take back the control and live fantastic, happy lives. Watch this space for details.
COntact me to give a motivational speech and help share this message of hope.

My Book is almost finished!

June 22nd, 2015

I am so excited to be coming near to completing my book. It is a simple and concise guide to help people overcoming depression and anxiety. Writing it has been a journey in itself! Watch this space to see when the launch will be happening.