About Helen

Helen Theuma was born in London in 1976 and was diagnosed with depression during her childhood years. She attempted suicide twice in her teens and spent time in 2 separate psychiatric hospitals and saw various psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors. Neither these institutions nor practitioners cured her of her depression. Completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy only left more questions unanswered.

Helen is now living a happy and fulfilling life in NSW, Australia after taking herself on a journey around the world. The journey took nearly 2 years. This was a journey to cure her self of this miserable disease of the mind. On her travels and throughout all the subsequent years Helen has learned how to take back control over her mind. Through practicing different techniques and making lifestyle changes and paradigm shifts Helen has been able to heal herself and others.

Helen has studied meditation, yoga and art and is continually researching alternative health therapies such as naturopathy. Helen loves, cooking, painting, skiing, paragliding and speedriding amongst many other things.

Helen has spent most of her working life caring for others. She has worked with people from all backgrounds with varying abilities and needs; from working in respite centres for children with developmental disabilities, through caring for those with physical disabilities such as MS and Polio, to working in group homes for adults with developmental disabilities and more recently as a paramedic.

Over the years Helen has learned a lot about communication and it is this skill coupled with the information she has gathered to rid her self of depression that has helped many people through dark times and given them a new perspective on life.