A funny, intelligent, successful woman who speaks publicly about her mental health issues. And no, I’m not talking about me for a change – it’s Ruby Wax.

As with other incredibly successful comedians, it is hard to believe that someone so funny and seemingly so confident could possibly have any mental health problems. Ruby Wax has joined other brilliant and funny minds such as Spike Milligan, Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry and Russell Brand on the list of comics who have some seriously unfunny moments.

I first discovered that Ruby had suffered severe depression when I stumbled across her Ted Talk, What’s so funny about mental illness? http://www.ted.com/talks/ruby_wax_what_s_so_funny_about_mental_illness

Ruby studied Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University and has been awarded an OBE for her services to Mental Health. I am currently reading her brilliant book Sane New World – Taming the Mind and I can highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know how mindfulness meditation can help you recover from depression. Ruby manages to make both mindfulness and neuroscience funny – there must truly be a link between genius and insanity!

Mindfulness meditation (and other types of meditation and breathing exercises) were a large part of my road to recovery and in this book you can get a glimpse into the science of what happens in the brain when you take up meditation. It is a must for anyone who has suffered depression at any time, for anyone interested in meditation, for all the meditation skeptics…actually, for anyone who has a brain.



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